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Saying Bye to Binary: My continued journey through gender

Without ever really knowing the term or what it meant, A.J. suffered for years from gender dysphoria - the pain endured when the sex and gender assigned at birth does not match true gender identity. The anxiety and depression were so overwhelming that he went through a period of time where he attempted to end his own life. A.J. grew up in a Christian-conservative household and continues to practice his faith and hold conservative political views. Thus he has experience as a person who used to be transphobic and uneducated on trans issues, yet now understands and tries to educate his conservative friends and family who are open to learning more.

About a year ago, A.J. came out to his husband that he was transgender and his husband was and is supportive and open to learning more and allowing. “Over the course of the year since sharing this truth with David, I’ve felt empowered to explore my identity more and more, and though I still don’t understand everything about myself, I understand so much more than I did before.”

This always deepening journey of identity has opened A.J. to be willing and able to discuss issues of gender identity - generally considered taboo in our culture - and he is comfortable doing so with a wide spectrum of people. He believes that everyone has the capacity to open and understand.

A.J.’s Book title in our human library is Fluidly Not Confused: My road to gender identity. Please consider having a conversation with him at one of our upcoming Human Library events.