A Mother’s Love for Her Gay Son

When Beth Dafforn’s son came out as gay to her and her husband nine years ago, her immediate concern was for his safety and well being. How would others treat him? Then the dreams and visions she didn’t even realize she held for her son came forward and she realized they needed to shift. And through it all, her faith was deeply rocked.

She dug deep and educated herself as thoroughly as she could - reading, watching, seeking counsel. The most powerful education came from witnessing her son’s life the year after he came out, with the ultimate conclusion that “He’s still the same Ryan we love.”

Beth realized that all of this educating and reconciling wasn’t only for her own well being when her son told her, “You saved my life. I didn’t have a backup plan if you had rejected me.”

The life saving power of a mother’s love and acceptance is integral to Beth's story and thus she titled herself: A Mother's Love for Her Gay Son.