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The REIGNMaker — Unlocking Your Royalty

Dawn R. Rosemond is a lawyer, partner and owner in one of the nation's 100 largest law firms and the only national firm within our Fort Wayne community. She was the first black female to advance from associate to partner not only within her firm, but within the state of Indiana. She is also a published author (Boss Presence) and the creator of REIGN, a transformational and unparalleled leadership, personal and professional development platform.

Amid all of her accolades and achievements, the truth is that this world - the law profession and the academic journey to get to it - were not made for her, a black female. As a result she has had to navigate and overcome the countless challenges and obstacles that come with not being invited to the table at any point.

This reality however set Dawn on a path of deep exploration toward discovering, unlocking and ultimately owning what true empowerment is. In her words: "I can attest to the fact that we will never rise any higher than our level of thinking about ourselves. And I know firsthand what mediocrity-based thinking produces. So I have dedicated my life to elevating consciousness— to leading people to the realization that they were created to REIGN in this life."

Her embodiment of this life mantra is palpable. You will be changed if you are able to sit with her in person - spending 20-30 minutes conversing as she shares her truths and listens to your questions. Take some time to “check her out” or as she often says, to “vibe with her.”