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Let the Dead Bury the Dead

Gia Norris Parker was initially unsure how to title herself as a human Book. She's had so many experiences, or "chapters" as she refers to them, that contribute to her story. Chapters that represent being a teen mom and a single mom, experiencing divorce and surviving the homicide of her brother.

All of these challenges had the potential to keep her stuck in negativity, yet she sought to heal and move on. More than move on actually. She sought to learn how to "let the old me die off so I could grow and let the new me thrive". She believes that there is no good that comes from harboring the ills of the past, but rather only the need to channel all energy into healing and becoming better people. Her title has unfolded into 'Let the Dead Bury the Dead'.

Gia is gentle with her words, yet passionate with her intention of sparking potential healing. She does not intend to waste this opportunity to converse with Readers at the Human Library event. You will most certainly learn the truest of definitions of 'Survivor' if you have the chance to speak to her.