Renaissance Man: My way to healing - how my complex life was formed

From a very early age, Mr. James Wesley Williams knew he was a healer. What that actually meant however, took a lifetime to understand.

It started with family and community. The first 10 years of life were lived in multicultural communities that anchored his expansive view of the world. It wasn’t until age 10 that he lived in an all-Black culture, grappling with the foreign feeling of not quite belonging when he was supposed to feel ‘home’. His father, a pastor and activist, had a profound influence on his life - perhaps not understanding young James, but allowing him to study, listen and learn all he could from him. In doing so, he came to understand people so deeply that his father trusted him to move into a counselor role at the young age of 15.

His young adulthood brought back the wanderlust and he traveled the world, witnessing and learning even more about culture and people. He poured himself into the healing power of music and live theater, performing, writing, directing and producing through the years with the greats - Ike and Tina Turner, Al Green, James Brown, Spike Lee - and experiencing both the thrill and the discontent of life on the road.

Music in fact is what brought him back to family and the mysticism of his earlier healer life. A song by Todd Rundgren titled Healer struck him deeply at his core:

“It's time to make the world a little wiser.

There are enough destroyers and criticizers.

The world needs a healer, healer"

And so Mr. Williams brings his deeply connected understanding of the world and all its people to the Human Library, sharing his life’s mystical stories that supersede race, culture or division.