Family of Homicide: Loved beyond words; missed beyond measure

Ms. Jonita Timberlake’s son, Joe’Vonn, was the first being that showed her she was worthy of love. He was a devoted father and son, filled with caring and sensitivity. He never missed an opportunity to help the kids in his life or to say ‘I love you’ to his mom.

When she lost him to homicide on Thanksgiving 2018, her world changed. Of course it did. In her words: “It changed my life having him and it changed my life losing him.”

Grief takes its own path in each person and she’s learning how to do it her way. For so long, she was the rock, staying strong for her other kids. But she realized it was so much harder to keep it in than to talk and not a healthy example for them. And so she’s begun sharing her story as a way back to caring for herself and uncovering who she is now. She wants to model the vulnerability and openness needed for healing for her kids who are grieving in their own ways, deeply missing their brother whom they adored.

Jonita’s gentleness, honesty and wide-open heart fully reflect the beauty that was her son, Joe’Vonn.