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Death Row Saved My Life

Ketu Oladuwa is a man of Afrikan descent living in our Fort Wayne community, making it stronger and more inclusive with his poetry, music, writing and conversations. In his words, "I understand that we are all hueman, and as long as that is front and center there is no conflict of personality that I'll allow to impede communication."

Fifty years ago when in his early twenties, Ketu served five years, two months, and a few odd days on death row for a crime he did not commit. Those five years were filled with opening himself to any and all reading, seeking clarity on who he was - who he had been, who he was if he died, and who he could be if he was released. It is this that causes him to say that "death row saved my life."

Honest, open, forthright and compassionate. Father, husband, mentor, listener. His book has many chapters.