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The Amazing Untold Stories of the Hatter

Mad Hatter, just like his name, has fallen down a hole or two through his life (maybe even 10) but he is resilient. His self-chosen Human Book title, The Amazing Untold Tales of the Hatter, reflects the spirit of these adventures.

Some of those adventures have been learning experiences like attending a predominantly Black elementary school in Fort Wayne, leaving for college at age 16, and then traveling the world.

Some have placed him in compromising, even dangerous, situations like when he barely made it out alive from race riots in Cincinnati or hitched rides with truck drivers across the continental U.S.

Some of them have been outright dumb choices (his words) that landed him in prison, taking stock of his life and his unwavering sense of adventure - no regrets, but realizing that a free spirit like his is best when coupled with mindfulness of the world.

So often he is rejected by society and treated accusingly because of his past and his appearance. He knows that those who cannot accept him also struggle with accepting themselves - they are afraid of their own core uniqueness. His primary message to Human Library Readers is just that - examine and love your inner self wholly. Accepting others will then fall into place.