Young and Sick: An invisible illness story

Megan Klenke gained an Increased awareness of life as a minority when she became one - a young woman living with an invisible, chronic illness. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) at age 20 after enduring years of unexplained pain and confusion.

Living with a chronic illness is a challenge. Doing so at her young age compounded this for Megan as her social life became non-existent and her burgeoning adult life consisted of medical tests and treatments. The invisible nature of her illness created more stress as many people, including medical professionals, didn't believe her complaints.

Megan tells her story with a smile. She is on a quest of learning to be happy while still in pain. She speaks of discerning being positive versus realistic. She has now found an online community of support and has started her own local support group as well as the Chronic Readers Club to offer insight, connection and acceptance to others.

Her story titled Young and Sick: An invisible illness story, sheds light upon and breaks down the many stereotypes of chronic illness and opens up dialogue that is so needed.