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Always the Advocate

Nikki Fultz is no stranger to misperceptions, stigma and challenge. "Being an out lesbian since a young age (14), I have had a lot of experiences with prejudice and stereotypes. From big things, like not being accepted by a part of my family or having to adopt the son my wife and I had together, to the small daily things like people assuming you have a husband or asking your kids about their dad."

She is keenly aware of the power of learning from experiences - her own as well as opening to others'. "I think if people thought about others' points of view, then the world would be a much kinder place."

Nikki titled herself 'Always the Advocate'. At every turn she speaks up and out as an advocate for her family, the LGBT community, public education, the foster system, politics, and for those whose voice cannot always be heard. Always educating and learning.