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Borderlands and State Lines

'Borderlands and State Lines'. This is the title that Sonya Flores created for herself as a human Book in our community's Human Library.

Sonya is a first-generation Mexican American and had the unique experience of growing up on the border of these two countries. There was a great mix of culture and language in that experience that she loved. Yet as she grew older, she felt the rejection of both cultures - having her U.S. citizenship discredited by some in our own community AND being discriminated against by other Hispanics for being Mexican-American.

"I'd like to share insight on what it's like to feel as if you aren't accepted by the people of the countries you belong to. And what it is like to finally accept myself and be proud of who I am and the places I've been. Every place is what you make of it and it takes a lot of self exploration to find inner peace and happiness - there's no short cut and the journey is constantly changing."