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Un-apologetically Black

Tasha Burgoon often finds herself the only person of color in her work and social lives. Assumptions are consistently made about her that have nothing to do with who she really is at her core - assumptions drawn solely by the color of her skin and based upon biases, stereotypes and prejudice.

"There was a time in my life when I wouldn't show up as my whole self in these spaces because I didn't want people to be uncomfortable with who I was - a black woman." She'd stay silent instead, allowing assumptions to go unchallenged or politely answering questions so others' feelings weren't hurt. Questions such as, "How many fathers do your children have?" (Tasha does not children.)

No longer. Now she walks in the world embodying all of the parts of herself that she dimmed for so long. This doesn't mean that she bulldozes her way through life. Rather, it means she walks with the grace and clarity of knowing and loving who she is at her core, and willing to address misperceptions with that same grace and clarity. She is 'Unapologetically Black' - her title in our Human Library.

Tasha is fun loving and funny, easy to talk to and engaging. If you have the privilege of sitting with her during the Human Library event ('checking her out') you will without a doubt not only learn who SHE is at her core, but you will learn the same about yourself.