Ball State University Pop-Up Events x 2

April 13 and April 27, 2019


We were thrilled to partner with Dr. Ruby Cain and her graduate students in Ball State University's Cultural Identities and Community Engagement course for these two pop-up events. The first event was held at Plymouth Congregational Church at 501 W. Berry Street, Fort Wayne. The students and Dr. Cain came up from Muncie to Fort Wayne to participate in and learn from this April 13th pop-up so they could then plan their own Human Library event in Muncie at a later date. This event was free and open to the public. Twenty of our human Books were present to share their stories with Readers who came to ‘check them out.’

Two weeks later on April 27th, the BSU students held their own Human Library event featuring Books from their Muncie community. It was a beautiful day of openness and sharing, empathy and connection - a guaranteed outcome when humans become Books and share the deepest parts of themselves with the Readers who 'check them out' and 'read' them by engaging in conversation. Human Library - Fort Wayne was proud to support them in their efforts to bring Talking Race: Human Library to Muncie!!