My Only Home

Aaron Robles

Recovering Opiate Addict

Adam Immerfall

Grow Up, ‘Man Up’, Stand Up: Life in wartime Lebanon

Assem Nasr

Immigrant: Keeping My Composure

Babra Chakanyuka

Cameron’s Life Story

Cameron Shomo

Third-Culture Trans-Racial Adoptee

Chozie Thorp

Blessed and Redeemed: A journey through homelessness and addiction

Dave Ward

Agent of Change: Feminism in the 1970’s and 80’s (The Glory Years)

Harriet Miller

An LGBTQ+ Journey from a Drag Queen

Della Licious

Blind and Determined

Fred Fulkerson

Resilient Butterfly: A story of forced child marriage

Genevieve Meyer

A Journey to Atheism and Humanism

Karen Mizner

Recovering Alcoholic

Jan Evrard

Rape Survivor +

Longterm Treatment Resistant Depression

Jane Meredith

A Family’s Journey Through Childhood Cancer

Emily Schlund

Death Row Saved My Life

Ketu Oladuwa

The Amazing Untold Stories of the Hatter

Mad Hatter

Life is Awful and Wonderful in All the Right Ways: Bipolar, Anxiety and Autism

Maddie Miller

Always the Advocate

Nikki Fultz

Black Panther: A path to self-discovery - “Rise in the East and Set in the West”

Adrian Curry

Queer Rebel Nun: A fully professed Sister of Perpetual Indulgence - Sister Ginger Vida Moar

Nicholas Risinger

Borderlands and State Lines

Sonya Flores

Gay Marriage

Stephen Bailey

A Muslim in Modern America

Suha Abbasi

Un-apologetically Black

Tasha Burgoon

Saying Bye to Binary: My continued journey through gender

AJ Eishenhauer

Representing the Good Fight: A Refugee’s Story

Elena Atwood

The Book of Tula: When Gay Was Queer

Charles ‘Tula’ Miller

Under This Pressure, Under This Weight, I’m a Diamond Taking Shape

Jennifer Barnes

Hat on My Dashboard: A gangsta’s story

Deuane ‘Shakey’ Carter Church

Living life on the spectrum. Surviving in the world with autism and other developmental disabilities.

John Sheehan

Life After Trauma: Living Through Mental Illness and Dyslexia

Libby Smith

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome: A story of empowerment

Karen Tarnow

Don’t Let the Smoothness Fool You: I’m a statistical anomaly

DaVanna Seifert


Jackie Sanders

Religion with a Creative Lens

John Tolley

It’s Not Always Black and White

Linda and Pompia Durril

Unsilenced: My road to activism

Shamanique Hall

The Black Rose the Grew in the KKK’s Garden

Chief Condra Ridley

I Have Sarcoidosis, But it Doesn’t Have Me

Regina Gordon

Renaissance Man: My way to healing - how my complex life was formed

James Wesley Williams

A Comic’s Relief: Navigating life’s trials with humor

Keristen ‘Big Kess’ Baker

A Mother’s Love for Her Gay Son

Beth Dafforn

Monarchs and Matriarchs: Womyn of Courage

Emily J. Guerrero

Young and Sick: An invisible illness story

Megan Klenke

Transracial Family

Rebecca Karcher

Family of Homicide: Loved beyond words; missed beyond measure

Jonita Timberlake

Not In My Head; It IS My Head: Living with invisible disability

Laura Hays

Navigating Three Cultures: A refugee’s story

Hthamay Paw

An Arab-American Balancing Act

Mohamad Abbasi

Being in the Union in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s: A tradesman’s story

Ron Bond