My Only Home

Aaron Robles

Recovering Opiate Addict

Adam Immerfall

Immigrant From the Arab World

Assem Nasr

A Story Within A Story

Babra Chakanyuka

Cameron’s Life Story

Cameron Shomo

Third-Culture Trans-Racial Adoptee

Chozie Thorp

Blessed and Redeemed: A journey through homelessness and addiction

Dave Ward

Agent of Change: Feminism in the 1970’s and 80’s (The Glory Years)

Harriet Miller

An LGBTQ+ Journey from a Drag Queen

Della Licious

Blind and Determined

Fred Fulkerson

Resilient Butterfly: A story of forced child marriage

Genevieve Meyer

A Journey to Atheism and Humanism

Karen Mizner

Recovering Alcoholic

Jan Evrard

Rape Survivor +

Longterm Treatment Resistant Depression

Jane Meredith

The Unshakeable Truths of a Queer Affrillachain

Jay Watts

Death Row Saved My Life

Ketu Oladuwa

The Amazing Untold Stories of the Hatter

Mad Hatter

I Like to Wear Weird Things as Hats

Maddie Miller

Always the Advocate

Nikki Fultz

Black Panther: A path to self-discovery - “Rise in the East and Set in the West”

Adrian Curry

A Novice Sister in the Indiana Crossroads Sister of Perpetual Indulgence

Sister Ginger Moar

Borderlands and State Lines

Sonya Flores

Gay Marriage

Stephen Bailey

A Muslim in Modern America

Suha Abbasi

Un-apologetically Black

Tasha Burgoon

Fluidly Not Confused: My Road to Gender Identity

AJ Eishenhauer

Representing the Good Fight: A Refugee’s Story

Elena Atwood

The Book of Tula: When Gay Was Queer

Charles ‘Tula’ Miller

Under This Pressure, Under This Weight, I’m a Diamond Taking Shape

Jennifer Barnes

Hat on My Dashboard: A gangsta’s story

Deuane ‘Shakey’ Carter Church

How to Survive Coming Out in the Church

Drew Amstutz

Life After Trauma: Living Through Mental Illness and Dyslexia

Libby Smith

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome: A story of empowerment

Karen Tarnow

Don’t Let the Smoothness Fool You: I’m a statistical anomaly

DaVanna Seifert


Jackie Sanders

Religion with a Creative Lens

John Tolley

It’s Not Always Black and White

Linda and Pompia Durril

Unsilenced: My road to activism

Shamanique Hall