Don’t Let the Smoothness Fool You: I’m a statistical anomaly

DaVanna Seifert’s human book title is Don’t Let the Smoothness Fool Ya’: I’m a statistical anomaly.

As a young adult, DaVanna wanted to beat the statistics that declared she would repeat the life she had witnessed and endured growing up - a mother’s abandonment, her father’s animosity, her 11 siblings’ struggles. She made a conscious choice to be a statistical anomaly, that is, to live according to her own vision and not that of her past.

To do that she actively sought healing through forgiveness. She learned to accept people for who they are, not for what she wished they would be. She decided to walk through life authentically so she wouldn’t be tied to whether people loved her or hated her. And she made her faith her core guiding force.

All of this defines the ‘smoothness’ with which she carries herself and the essence you’ll feel when spending time talking with her.