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Rape Survivor + Longterm Treatment Resistant Depression

Jane Meredith has graciously agreed to be an open Book for our Human Library - Fort Wayne. We could not express Jane's story any more eloquently than she did for us. Thus, in her words...

"Some time ago I came to the epiphany that the good people and experiences that have come into my life as a direct or indirect result of my rape now outweigh the experience itself, to the point that I would not choose to erase it from my life. I would be an entirely different person, and I would lose people and experiences that are central to who I am and to the core of joy in my life.

The experience that so tore the ground out from under me has become over time the catalyst for a deep empathy for others' fear and pain.

I have no reservations about sharing my story -- especially assuring survivors that they are not at fault for their experience, and that they can find, in moving through their pain, a great source of strength, confidence, and joy."