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There Is Life After Trauma: Living Through Mental Illness and Dyslexia

There are so many misperceptions about dyslexia - that it’s only about switching letters around or that those with it are lazy and stupid and just don’t try hard enough. Libby Smith has heard them all and while she knows none of them are true, it has been painful to listen to and counter throughout her life.

The bullying she received via her teachers and fellow classmates resulted in diagnoses of PTSD, self harming, anxiety and depression. Thankfully she has parents who are extraordinarily supportive who not only homeschooled her, but have helped her to grow into a space of stability and self awareness.

This is why her human Book title is There Is Life After Trauma: Living through mental illness and dyslexia.

She comes to the Human Library Fort Wayne with the willingness and the insight to share how dyslexia, mental illness, and giftedness have manifested in her and how she navigates her daily life with assistive devices, great strength, and a desire to connect with others.