An Arab-American Balancing Act

Mohamad Abbasi is an Arab-American Muslim who is the first generation of his family born in the United States. His journey is that of trying to maintain his identity as a Palestinian and a Muslim while also wanting to experience life as a ‘typical’ American.

During his growing up years in Fort Wayne in a post-9/11 atmosphere, Mohamad chose to deal with his bullies with humor. This quick wit continued to develop through college in Indianapolis via standup comedy and music and is what he continues to use to break the ice with people about his race and religion.

Mohamad is an open book about his faith and his struggles through the years and now - halal dating, being Muslim in a fraternity, how his extended family on both sides of the sea play a role in his life, and how he explores other religions to see universal connections that ultimately strengthen his own faith.

His is an intentional, humorous journey to uncover, balance and blend all of who he is.